32nd Annual On-Property Bull Sale
Thursday 17th September 2015, 1.00pm
"Myall Grove" Condamine
Offering over 100 performance recorded bulls

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The Grove just been awarded the Champion Pen of Steers in the 2014 Ekka Paddock to Palate claiming the prestigious Duncan Sturrock Trophy. This result continues a very strong run in the14 year history of the trial. The Grove genetics have again highlighted their consistency to perform at the very top end with three pens in the top 12 spots in the weight gain section of the trial. With a massive gain of 3.115kgs/hd/day for the 100 days The Grove's pen of pure Shorthorn steers closely followed by a pen of Durham Blacks who performed at 3.045kgs/day and our Durham Reds who gained at 2.968kgs/day. The fanatastic trial average of 2.791kg/hd/day was a testament to the the quality of the cattle entered in the trial combined with the very professional feeding programme employed at Grassdale feedlot.In this totally unbiased trial The Grove Steers performed at .252kgs/hd/day above the trial average seeing a massive $55 per head advantage for our steers.  

On the hook the Durham Blacks rose to the top with the MSA section carrying them over the line. The 4 pens from The Grove all performed extremely well in the MSA section averaging a massive 220 points more per pen than the trial average. This both highlights and backs up the breeding programme at The Grove. "Quality Beef & More Of It" - a simple motto but to combine the two traits are generally antagonistic.

Brothers to all the steers will be for sale on the 18th of September.

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Welcome to The Grove Online

The Grove is synonymous with Shorthorn cattle that perform to the highest level across the country and around the world. It is home to the world’s largest herd of performance recorded shorthorns. The Morgan family have been breeding Shorthorns in Queensland for over a century and are determined to see The Grove’s influence on the beef industry continue into the future.

Along with a strict visual evaluation, the performance recording of large contempory groups has allowed The Grove to very accurately describe their cattle genetically which means they can breed the desired phenotype with a much higher probability. This can be illustrated by the RNA feedlot trials which have been run for more than a decade. No exhibitor has enjoyed more success than The Grove which highlights the herd’s ability to meet market specs across a broad range of feeding regimes.




JBS Swift Media Release - New Shorthorn Branded Beef


To our valued clients

JBS has recently announced a joint initiative to deliver a Beef Shorthorn specific brand program that will be available to the global retail and food service markets in early 2016.

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